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Pork Recipes

Pennsylvania Dutch Pork Chops
Being their own butchers, in most instances, for several hundred years, the Dutch had every opportunity to make varied meat dishes. They never developed the "steak-chop complex" so common today, a complex which disdains to eat anything but steaks and chops. The Dutch, on the contrary, were the first in America to use the by-products of meat products with great ingenuity and skill. That is why Philadelphia Scrapple was born, and many sausages, aspics, etc. The Dutch cooked a wide variety of meat dishes and used all the techniques of appetizingly cooking the lesser cuts of meats, which every cookery expert knows to be the real test of a cook. The Dutch knew how to make meat products of the utmost savor and taste, and also how to cook it. True, a large number of the more illiterate and backward and poor subsisted monotonously on ham and a limited diet, but in all above-average households a remarkable variety of meat dishes were known and served-actually a wider variety than the household of today, with all its enlarged scope of foods available.

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