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Sausage Recipes

Cooking Sausage Purchased from Far West Meats
Most of Far West Meat Sausage is smoked and therefore marked "fully cooked", so a simple heat and serve method is best. We do not recommend the use of a microwave to re-heat.

Best way to enjoy your smoked sausage is to barbecue whole. If you choose to pan fry, it is preferred that you slice first before frying, either length wise or in round flat pieces. Sausages cook more evenly when a flat surface is utilized. You can also boil or steam whole, although some flavor will be lost with these methods.

Most smoked sausages are not recommended for the microwave, although it is done all the time, the flavor is usually reduced, as you are bound to lose some of the spices and liquid flavor enhancements when micro waving. Please be sure to cover with a paper towel to reduce splashing of these liquids within a Microwave.

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