How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Steak—it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life, but it can also be an exercise in frustration if you don’t know how to prepare it properly. Luckily, once you learn how to cook steak properly, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying succulent, tender cuts of beef every time you sit down at the dinner table. Here are five ways to cook steak so you can enjoy the perfect cut every time!


Who doesn’t love a good grilled steak? There’s nothing quite like that smoky flavor you get from charcoal grilling. To cook your steak perfectly, always start with room-temperature meat. This way, you avoid overcooking your steaks by letting them sit on the grill too long before turning them, which could dry them out and cause them to lose that tender texture we all love. Grilled steaks are best served alongside sautéed vegetables (like carrots, green beans, or Brussels sprouts) or something that has marinated in balsamic vinegar (such as mushrooms). A little wine sauce never hurt either! So give your next barbecue a little more class – put down those burgers and hot dogs and grab yourself some beef for a change.


If you’re in a rush and need dinner on the table fast but still want it hot and juicy, consider preparing your steak in a hot oven. Season and sear your meat on a cast-iron skillet, then transfer it to an oven set at 400 degrees F. Cook it for four minutes on each side for medium-rare, six minutes for medium-well. To serve, let your steak rest for about five minutes, so all of that savory goodness can get back into its juices. Transfer it to a cutting board and slice against the grain (you can also butterfly your steak by making two lengthwise cuts before slicing). Serve with mashed potatoes or rice pilaf, sautéed green beans, or creamed spinach – whatever sounds good! It’s delicious no matter how you cook and serve it!


Cooking a steak in an oven is simple and effective, but it tends to dry out your steak as it cooks. To make sure you get a tender steak from an oven, wrap it in aluminum foil before cooking. Seasoning is also important here—just be careful not to overdo it with herbs or spices! You want your steak to soak up those flavors, not taste like them. If you’re looking for even more flavor and don’t mind a little fat (and we don’t blame you), butter or oil will help keep that beautiful sear on your steak without drying it out.

Reverse Sear

Reverse sear means cooking the meat in a pan with high heat on the stovetop first, then putting it into a very low-temperature oven. This method ensures that you get that beautiful crusty sear, but it also cooks your steak more evenly. To do a reverse sear for steaks, preheat your oven to 225 degrees F and put two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of olive oil in an enameled cast iron or other heavy ovenproof skillet set over medium-high heat until bubbling. Now place your steak in and give it at least 45 minutes to 1 hour for that perfectly juicy, delicious steak that’s cooked from edge to edge.


Tartare is French for “flattened,” and while it’s not traditionally associated with beef, you can make it with steak too! It’s basically raw beef that hasn’t been cooked yet. You can choose to either cut your own slices from a sirloin or ribeye roast or have your butcher do it for you. Either way, once it’s all sliced up, toss everything into a bowl and add in some Worcestershire sauce (with anchovies), capers, shallots, garlic salt, freshly ground pepper, and Tabasco sauce. Stir everything together really well before serving. Tartare goes great as an appetizer, but if you’re hungry enough, you could also just eat it as dinner!


You can cook a steak in many different ways. Whether you grill it, broil it, pan fry it, or even bake it, your steak will turn out perfectly cooked and juicy every time! So, turn your evening steak meal into an event, get creative with your ingredients and presentation, and show off your culinary skills to friends and family.