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Our high-quality meat sourced from the same local farms for decades.


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No middle men, no distributors, no markups. We control everything.

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We can source every cut of meat back to the farm. Quality at it’s best.

Far West Meats, since 1922

Expect Only The Best Cuts & Best Quality With Us

For generations Far West Meats has sourced, processed and delivered the best quality meat at affordable prices. We control the entire process, no middle men or distributors. This is how we GUARANTEE our meat.

Fresh Sustainable Meats

We Personally Visit The farms

Since 1922 Far West Meats has provided the best quality meat at affordable prices. For generations our family has selected our meat from local ranchers who sustainably raise their animals. We only work with ranchers and farms that meet the highest standards set forth by Far West Meats. 

Our animals are grass fed, free range that are sustainably raised. Our farms are free of hormones and antibiotics.  

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99 Years
Since 1922 Far West Meats has provided Southern California residents with the high-grade meat. Founded by Thomas Serrato, with the principal idea of being able to provide quality meat products at a low price. In 1962, Far West Meats transitioned from a local market and began suppling local grocers and restaurants wholesale meat products. Now, Thomas Serrato lll is following in his grandfathers’ footsteps, bringing great taste to Far West Meats direct to you, in stores and now with online meat delivery.

Our famous smokehouse taste has been the center of barbeques for over 99 years and we continue to provide local, fresh and savory meats. Now available online and shipped directly to your door.

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processed in house

Our manufacturing facility in Highland, CA processes the meat received from our farm and ranch partners. This quality control ensures you are receiving the best quality of meats delivered directly to your door.

The Far West Meat Advantage is we pass this savings onto you. Unlike other online meat companies who buy wholesale from us and mark up the retail price. As the meat processor, we can pass this savings onto you! Great meat at an affordable price, delivered.

Our Certifications

Far West Meats holds a Certificate of Organic Registration from the California Department of Food and Agriculture State Organic Program. Far West Meats also holds a Silliker Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety System Audit from Mérieux NutriSciences Certification LLC. This company performs a third-party audit to verify our plant’s compliance with current regulations and industry practices through program reviews and on-site observations. Pinpointing potential problems before they occur is a cardinal rule of business in the global food industry. Through a comprehensive array of expert services, auditors and inspectors can provide us with a competitive edge.

Quality Guaranteed

We control the supply chain. From farm to home, we can source every cut of meat back to the farm we sourced it from. This is how we offer the best online meat delivery guarantee.

We make things simple. All of our products are 100% guaranteed for quality and freshness. If you receive a product which you feel is of substandard quality, simply return the un-used portion in the original box to receive a product replacement or refund, which ever you choose.

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Far West Meats was founded by Thomas Serrato in 1922. He began by supplying meat directly to customers at great low prices. In 1962, our company transitioned to the wholesale market, selling to restaurants and small meat markets. Now, Thomas Serrato III is following in his grandfather’s footsteps, bringing the great taste of Far West Meats directly to you, in stores and on-line.

Our famous smokehouse taste has been the center of barbeques for over 99 years and we continue to provide local, fresh and savory meats.